Jerry Adams

Portfolio Lead & Principal Consultant

I am a WASH expert and a specialist in planning, monitoring and evaluation with over 30 years’ experience in international development. My knowledge and expertise of monitoring and evaluation in a WASH context includes development and humanitarian contexts. I am interested in developing appropriate frameworks, methodologies and systems that address issues of complexity as well as in the development of evaluation tools and methodologies working with excluded groups of people. I have a depth of experience as a team leader and evaluation expert on multi-country and thematic evaluations in South and East Asia, Africa, Central Asia and the Middle East, most recently working with UNICEF, the World Bank, VSO, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) and Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP).

I help IOD PARC to provide a range of consultancy services, implementing institutional strengthening projects, undertaking multi-country evaluations focusing on WASH, sustainability, exclusion and resilience and using significant experience as a trainer and communicator to develop and run training programmes on monitoring and evaluation. I am experienced in utilising a numerous communication channels with an emphasis on supporting the active involvement of all participants in both distance learning and evaluations. I am also proficient in assessing and quantifying qualitative change through the use of rating and scaling tools. This was a key aspect of the research for my MA thesis at Reading University and I have subsequently written papers, taught and worked with several organisations on how to address this challenge. Before joining IOD PARC, I was Head of Programme Effectiveness at WaterAid for 6 years where I developed and rolled out their global monitoring and evaluation framework.